Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Outlying Scenery

The very first place described in Outliers is Roseto Valfortore in Italy. This might just be the most significant place in Outliers because it is the first example of the idea of an Outlier. Gladwell describes it in such way that one can see the structure of the town. You can pictrure the crowded town with narrow streets lined by stone houses with red tile roofs. This is the town that will lead to the outlying town of Roseto, Pennsylvania.

The next place is Harlan, Kentucky. This place is home to the culture of honor in which people are easily offended and fight eachother to be feared and respected. Harlan is in the Appalachian Mountains and is part of the Cumberland Plateau. Gladwell describes the plateau in great detail ranging from the elevation of the ridges, to the type of flowers that flourish in the coves and foothills. Harlan was at first, a dense forest of a variety of trees ranging from white oaks, to hemlocks. It is because of this landscape that leads to the raising of animals which is the cause of the culture of honor.

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